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Kania Trap Testimonials

Thanks again ... you've just about manufactured an idiot proof trap.

O. H. - London, Ontario Canada

Hi Calvin,

The Kania model# 2000 worked as advertised.  I had a grey squirrel problem around my house where the squirrels were burrowing through the cedar wood siding of the house.  In about one week, using plain roasted peanuts as bait, I eliminated about a dozen of the unwanted pests and have not had a problem since.

Thank you for your product.

G. M. - New York, USA

The trap works very well. I have been able to reduce their numbers signficantly. The destruction of my home and garden has been stopped.


F. B. - Richmond, British Columbia Canada

Hi Calvin,

Your squirrel trap is compact,  very easy to use, and efficient.  I rate this trap the best with no others even close. 

J B. - Michigan USA

Calvin - I have had great success with these traps.  In the last year I was able to completely rid my roof of fox squirrels a problem I had been working  for the last 9 years without success through live traps.  That process was very labor intensive as I had to take the live traps in every night and put them out every morning to avoid catching skunks, foxes and raccoons.  Being able to leave the Kania traps up in the trees avoids those issues.  Now, when I see the squirrels begin to get on my roof and look for new entry points I just place the traps in nearby trees and within a week I've eliminated the problem for many months. Thanks for providing a well engineered and quality product!

Mark G. – Colorado USA

Funny you should ask how the squirrel trap is doing, as I just recommended it to a friend...

We caught about 20 last winter - at the bird feeder and have nabbed three in two weeks so far this year.

We luv the thing because it works great, cut our bird feed bill and our dog cannot get caught in it.

Thanks for asking

Steve – Wisconsin USA

Thank you for your inquiry. The trap worked very well. I caught 6 squirrels the first week.

I am keeping it handy if they start stealing my fruit the next season. I have no complaints. I think the design is simple but very effective. Thank You for suggesting the trap.

E. K. – California USA

This is the best trap I've ever had! Lots of success with it.

Len – Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada


Brilliant devices

I ordered them for use on squirrels in our over-run attic. I wish I could use it in the garden but that space is shared by our inquisitive pussy cat.

There are no more squirrels in the house, which may have something to do with our sealing the access points. Your traps maintained a minimum population until sealing up the attic Then finished off the remainder [trapped inside by sealing it up] in short order - 2 days.

Thanks for being there for us. Squirrels had figured out the live traps we used before discovering you.

R. F. – Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Hi Calvin,

I love the ease of use of your trap!  We caught 3 squirrels in the first week but none since then.  This may be due to a banner year for acorns.  I'm waiting to see if the success rate picks up during the winter when food is more scarce.


Ian D. - Massachusetts, USA


Since I purchased your trap I have caught 13 black and grey squirels. Fortunately there are no red ones which are native to B.C. and cannot be caught. I had to modify the shape and size of the trigger as birds I suspect were taking the peanuts I used for bait. The trap has really done a good job for me.


JOHN - Mission, British Columbia, Canada

Thanks for checking in Calvin.

The trap works great.  I'm at 16 and counting.  Recently my squirrel bodies have been picked up overnight by other wildlife of some kind so even disposal has been no problem.

My trap is ocassionally raided by chipmunks who will even dislodge the screen at the back to get at the bait without tripping the trap.  I have countered this by switching to larger bait - a mixture of peanuts in the shell and walnuts instead of sunflower seeds.  By packing these firmly behind the screen, I have immobilized the screen - at least enough to defeat a chipmunk.

Andy – Guelph, Ontario Canada



Chris - Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

Hello, since I have had the traps (2) working for about 3 months, I've trapped about 20-25 animals.  I consider it's a lot for my present area. The traps work well, I don’t put in the bottom the peanuts but well tied with the primes. It's closer to the view and attractive. They don't resist to go in.

Thank you, truly,

Bernard - St-Charles-Borromée (Joliette), Québec Canada

Dear Calvin,

I love your traps - squirrels don't!  My neighbor has been most thankful - I am removing squirrels not only from our property but his also - now there are more avocados for market.  Great product!

Bill - California USA

Well, I did get one, and it sure was exciting.  Maybe since the leaves, nuts, and berries are about to fall from the trees, the food will get scarce.  I know I will have more success then.  The trap was worth the wait. 

Bob - Oklahoma, USA

Hi Calvin,

The trap has worked splendidly. I've eliminated two squirrels who made their way into my attic. I couldn't ask for a simpler, more effective trap.

In both cases, I baited the trap with peanut butter on bread (pressed into the metal grid).


C. B. - Pennsylvania  USA

Hi Calvin:

The current traps are being well used by my friend. He's catching squirrels, but his skunk count is up to three, and the other night he saw a huge one in his backyard that he expects to catch soon. His first question is, "How many skunks ARE there in this neighbourhood?", and his second is "Just how strong will the stink from this large one be when it's caught?" The squirrels are causing consistent damage to his potted plants, and because these plants are on racking and they're being dug up like in his old neighbourhood, he knows that the squirrels are the culprits and not the skunks.

G.M. - Ontario Canada

Calvin The traps have worked well.

I Have dispatched quite a few squirrels, unfortunately the over-population is hard to fight, especially when several local neighbors encourage the presence of squirrels.

I will probably order a couple of additional traps in the near future, need to increase the coverage area on my property during active days.  

I have been using peanuts as bait, and use the traps on the ground.  I have had the best success by placing an additional 1 peanut inside the box (not in the bait trap, but as far back in the box as possible behind the release mechanism).     I don't think that I have had a capture without that 1 easily visible nut for enticement.

Charles - Indiana USA

The traps have worked great.  We had squirrels nesting in our attic and the attached pictures show one of them in the trap. 

Prior to buying the Kania traps we had killed 10 squirrels over a few years, but they kept finding new ways to get in.  The Kania traps killed 16 squirrels and 2 opossums in 6 months and we have had no evidence of animals in the attic after the first few kills.

I was amazed that one Kania trap killed 3 squirrels in one day!  I also saw one get trapped and it stopped all movement within 20 seconds.  This is definitely better than live trapping and then killing the squirrels later.

Thank you for a great product.

Eric - Kentucky USA

Hello Calvin:

Yes they are working very well. If I told you how many I have caught you might not believe me. I have become a bit of a walking advertisement for your traps. It is a tricky area because some people are quite offended and some want a trap. I have bought one for my secretary and she has had good success

B.H. - Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada

Works great -- first catch was a medium size raccoon. Next 3 were squirrels.  Peanut butter and corn seems to work OK so far.  Do you have any other good bait ideas to catch specifically squirrels?


Dave - Cincinnati, Ohio USA

The devices worked great. My first successful garden in several years. The squirrels went for your trap design, and they were all dispatched quickly and humanely. Got 62 squirrels in the two traps you sent before the gardening season was over. The traps are holding up beautifully and are still in perfect condition. There are many squirrels in the area that will be a source of future problems, so I can tell I will be using these things for years to come. The count of 62 might seem like a lot to some, but knowing there are thousands within a mile or two of my house, I sort of expected to see more migration to my house as the local ones died. I am glad the migration did not occur as fast as I expected; I am not really all that excited about killing them; I just want them out of my garden. I have not set the traps for about a month now, and I have seen squirrels in my yard once again, so I know the migration to my yard will occur. There is no garden right now, so I am going to let them go for now.

The trap also got 9 rats.

I mounted the traps on boards about 1.5' wide x 2.5' tall, and then put the board/trap assembly in a larger wooden box that looked sort of like a compost collector box, so the neighbors could not see what I was doing and so that my dogs could not get into the trap. I think they know, but never brought it up, for obvious reasons. I drilled a few holes in the board big enough to hold a peanut. I also tended to smear a little peanut butter on the plate that the squirrels need to lift to spring the trap, as well as put some peanuts in the bait bin in the top. I was doing all that because the squirrels had to go out of their way to check the trap out, so I wanted to make sure the squirrels could smell and see the trap had something interesting to check out. I never did any experimentation of how things went with and without peanut butter and peanuts in the drilled holes. There were some mice that started to take advantage of my extra bate that was laying around, but I put some mouse traps out, and got about 10 mice.

John - Colorado USA


The Kania 2000 Trap is suitable for trapping:
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