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Squirrel Trapping with the Kania Trap 2000

Baiting, Luring and Successful Trapping
Techniques for Grey Squirrels

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Squirrel in Trap Under Eves
Squirrel in Trap Installed Under Eves

This trap effectively catches and kills Eastern Grey Squirrels while posing very little risk to non-target wildlife or pets. In trials on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, no non-target wildlife (birds or mammals) or domestic cats have been caught in this trap.

About the Trap
  • The Kania Trap 2000 is considered by wildlife control officers and wildlife managers as the safest setting trap and most humane killing trap on the market today.
  • It is also found to be species specific, capture efficient and bird proof when set properly.
  • Kania Trap 2000 is currently certified for use under the Pest Act in the United Kingdom - Spring Trap Approval Order 1993.
  • Always check with your Provincial/State laws regarding the legality of capturing and killing Grey Squirrels and Opossum with the Kania 2000 Trap.
  • It is the easiest trap to set and install. Squirrels cannot resist peeking inside. Once the firing spring goes off, there is no handling of a distraught captured squirrel or re-locating such as with a live trap.
  • Kania Trap 2000 should be secured to the tree trunk where the Eastern Grey Squirrels have been observed at 5 to 7 feet above the ground to prevent access from Young Children and other Non-Targets.
  • To achieve the best results the trap should be set close to either Bird Feeders or Nesting sites.
  • Traps can also be secured under roof eves, inside attics, or locations on houses where squirrels frequent.
  • Placing traps on the ground is effective as well, but only if Non-Target species are not prevalent in the area, i.e.: House Cats, Dogs, Raccoons, Birds and other Non-Targets.
  • The best baits to use are un-shelled Peanuts, Hazelnuts (Filberts), Walnuts or other native nuts to your region. Peanut Butter can be used, but it has a tendency to go rancid over time. For trapping Opossum, fruit or corn is also good bait.
  • Set trap in late afternoon or early evening.
  • Release the trap spring in early morning to prevent catching non-target species such as Western Red Squirrels or House Cats.
  • Do not use meat bait for Squirrels or Opossums, as this will draw un-wanted species such as Racoons, House Cats, Dogs and other Non-Targets.
When demonstrating or test firing the trap always use a Soft Substrate such as a rolled up newspaper to fire the spring. Never use a hard substrate like a stick. This will damage the trap.

Squirrel in Trap on Tree
Squirrel in Trap on Tree

Two Squirrels in Trap in Attic
Two Squirrels in Trap in Attic

Squirrel Trap
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Eves Trap
Eves Trap Set

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The Kania 2000 Trap is suitable for trapping:
Squirrel (Black Squirrel, Grey Squirrel),
Marten, Mink, Opossum, Rat, Skunk, & Other Small Pests


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