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How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In The Attic

Kania Squirrel Traps

Kania Squirrel Traps
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Kania Trap Praised in Magazine:
Fruit Gardener: California Rare Fruit Gardener

From: Advertisements Benefit More than Advertisers

"Folks, the Kania trap works as advertised. Period. With only haphazard management and vigilance, I have reduced the overpopulation of marauding squirrels around my residence by an estimated 75 percent. Below is a photo of just one success [click on middle image above]. It's likely that someone will contact me to give me heck about the cruelty of such a thing, especially of displaying this photo. My answer is and will remain: Looking at this image and thinking about what this trap does makes me feel much better than I feel when I walk into my fruit garden and find my pear crop completely gone, as happened last year. Read about another member's experience with this trap on page 4 [click on image on right, above, or read below]."

From: About Those Kania Traps

"After reading the editor's comments about the Kania trap in the May & June issue, I felt compelled to tell readers about my success with the product.

I live in the San Fernando Valley and for years have been plagued by "Fuzzy Tails." In my backyard I have avocados, oranges, apricots and more. It's safe to say that consistently nine out of every ten of my avocados had chew marks on them, left there by squirrels. Some years I did not get to enjoy one apricot; the green ones they ate, the ripe ones they knocked off on the ground.

Then came that wonderful day when the Gardener's God of the Backyard smiled upon me. In 2008 I spotted an advertisement for a trap made in Canada: the Kania Trap 2000. It was a little expensive, but I was desperate, so I ordered one.

When the trap arrived, I placed it as high in a juniper tree as I could reach from a six-foot stepladder. At first I failed to get any action, so I strung a walnut and a peanut in its shell onto a thin wire and hung that bait just above the tripping wire, attaching my bait in plain sight out in front of the similar bait that I had placed inside the trap's screened-in, tamper-proof bait compartment. Evidently the combined sight and smell were irresistible. Since then I have sent about 70 Fuzzy Tails to that Great Walnut Tree in the Sky. And since then no chew marks have appeared on my avocados.

Unfortunately I no longer have to worry about my apricot tree; it was killed not long ago by borer beetles. But nevertheless I now consider the Kania trap is way under-priced. Pardon the metaphor, but to me it has been as heavenly as a kiss on the lips from a beautiful woman.

Writing this note seemed to be the least I could do under the circumstances. Perhaps this information about an effective solution will help someone suffering the same frustrations that I had experienced.

I don't know if this method of trapping is legal in my area, so I choose to remain anonymous. I figure that ignorance is bliss, at least on the part of whomever might take an unhealthy interest in my activity. One more thing: the trap is humane and efficient -- I never had a miss or a cripple.

Avocado Andy-San Fernando Valley, Calif

Kania Squirrel Traps

Alien Species Alert:
Grey Squirrels in British Columbia (BC) Canada

The following poster is available here for download as a PDF (use the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print PDF files), and is used with permission from the Vancouver Island Region - Wildlife Program.

Alien Species Alert: Grey Squirrels in British Columbia (BC) Canada

The Kania 2000 Trap is suitable for trapping:
Squirrel (Black Squirrel, Grey Squirrel),
Marten, Mink, Opossum, Rat, Skunk, & Other Small Pests


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