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Kania 2500 - Mink Trapping

By using the following tips, you can ensure satisfactory results in Creek or Pond trapping of mink.

Wild duck or grouse is a good mink bait. So is fish. Set trap on ground near water. Place a handful of sand on the floor of the trap. Place bait from trigger side so that screen is not in front of bait. Pluck some feathers and scatter inside of trap as well as outside in front of trap. If feathers are not available, then fish of any sort is excellent.

The entire trap should be covered including entrance hole with grass, bracken, leaves, branches or whatever is near by. The mink will find it’s way into the trap through the debris. A stick dipped in mink essence and placed inside of bait compartment is advisable. Bait for mink should always be fresh.

Mink Creek Trapping

Photo 01: Locate natural hole along Creek Bank. Secure all exit holes from the back of the natural cubby so that mink can not come in from behind to steal the bait.

Photo 02:Throw bait into the hole, i.e.: fish, duck, shell fish. Place (stained, dyed, painted) Kania Trap 2500 into position of entrance hole. You may need to do some chopping or digging to secure a level spot.

Photo 03: Set / Engage spring, cover entrance of trap with a bit of sand found along creek. Tie down the trap to prevent Non-target species from hauling off with trap.

Photo 04: Completely cover set with Natural ferns, grasses or whatever is native to the site. Apply mink essence or a good mink call scent just above the trap in a branch or twig.

Mink Pond Trapping

Photo A: Find a hole along a pond or make one to create a natural look.

Photo B: Place your (painted, stained, or dyed) Kania Trap 2500 in front of entrance after bait is thrown inside hole)

Photo C: Cover and camouflage Trap with grasses or dirt. It is ok if the entrance hole is completely covered, as the mink will find their way into it. Providing a good mink call scent or mink essence is used for attractant.

* To prevent loss of trap to a non - target species It is always advisable to tie the trap down. As shown by stake in the photo.

Photo D: Since setting the Kania 2500 it had snowed and a Mink came to the set.

Photo E: An excellent, instant kill strike!


The Kania 2000 Trap is suitable for trapping:
Squirrel (Black Squirrel, Grey Squirrel),
Marten, Mink, Opossum, Rat, Skunk, & Other Small Pests


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