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Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine the legal use of the traps in their own jurisdictions.

Q. Will this trap protect my fruit orchard from pests?

A. Absolutely, as seen in the picture, put trap up on trunk of tree, and if using more than one trap, the pest or rodent is unable to get around the trap without getting caught. The Kania #2000 is the ideal trap to protect orchards.

Q. What type of animals does the Kania #2000 catch?

A. This trap is designed to catch rats, opossums, grey squirrels, feral pests, skunks, mink, and sable.

Q. Is the Kania #2000 a humane trap?

A. Yes, in the sense that this trap dispatches the animal efficiently and effectively in an instant kill situation. The trap will render the animal irreversibly unconscious within 1 minute. The Kania #2000 meets the ISO (International Organization of Standardization- Geneve, Switzerland) required 3 minute minimum irreversible unconsciousness.

Q. Why not use a live trap instead of a killing trap?

A. A live trap is a very good trap. Especially if you don't wish to kill the animal. However, the drawback to a live trap is that if you wish to let the animal go, it's best to put the animal in your vehicle, and drive it several miles away and let it go. But animals have a tendency to find their way back. The other reason for discouraging letting pests go, is that you are then giving the problem to someone else, mainly in the rural area.

Under the British Columbia Wildlife Act - It is an offence to ship or transport live Grey Squirrels to another location as they are an introduced species and are considered a pest and a detriment to the Indigenous Western Red Squirrel.

Q. What makes the Kania #2000 more desireable to use than other conventional traps?

A. The Kania #2000 is more convenient due to the following features:

Self contained bait compartment. Only need to bait trap once.

Self contained trigger mechanism, never have to worry about
weather elements fouling up set.

Easy to load spring cocking system. Even people with little strength
in their arms can load this trap.

Trap delivers and instant dispatch, thus no suffering is caused to the animal.

Well constructed trap thus allows a 20 year life span.



The Kania 2000 Trap is suitable for trapping:
Squirrel (Black Squirrel, Grey Squirrel),
Marten, Mink, Opossum, Rat, Skunk, & Other Small Pests


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