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The Kania 2000 Trap - Humane Instant Dispatch


Kania #2000

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$ 89 CDN each
$ 79 CDN each per box of 6
$ Please Inquire for price per 500

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The Kania 2000 Trap is:

  • safe to set
  • self contained
  • capture efficient

The Kania 2000 Trap protects your home, business garden, nut grove and fruit trees against:

  • squirrels
  • opossum
  • skunks
  • mink
  • marten
  • rats
  • rodents
  • other small pests

This trap is designed for trapping Grey Squirrels, Opossum, Skunk, Mink, Marten, Rats and other small pests.

This self contained trap allows the user, pest controller, trapper, wildlife manager an instant set.

The Kania #2000 is considered the safest setting, species specific and most powerful trap available today.

Under the British Columbia Wildlife Act - It is an offence to transport live Grey Squirrels or any other wildlife to another location not more than 1 km from site of capture in Management Units 1-1 to 1-13 on Vancouver Island. In the rest of the Province not more than 10 km from site of capture. Grey Squirrels especially, are an introduced species to the Province and are considered a "Pest" under the "Wildlife Act, RSBC 1996, Chapter 488 - Schedule C" and are a serious detriment to our Indigenous Western Red Squirrel and Native Song Birds. Other Pests and nuisance animals under the Wildlife Act consist of Skunks, Raccoon, Opossum, Woodchuck, Nutria, Coast Mole, Bushy Tailed Woodrat, Northern Pocket Gopher, Yellow Bellied Marmot, and Columbian Ground Squirrel.

Exclusion of Pests and Nuisance species listed under the Wildlife Act is not option. Exclusion only promotes more pests, habitat competition and problems for our Native Species.


The Kania 2000 Trap is suitable for trapping:
Squirrel (Black Squirrel, Grey Squirrel),
Marten, Mink, Opossum, Rat, Skunk, & Other Small Pests


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